Visit Nepal 2020 - Expecting 2 Million Tourist Arrivals

The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation has come up with an ambitious plan to promote tourism in Nepal. The campaign "Visit Nepal 2020" aims to invite and support tourists and tourism in Nepal with a huge number of travelers from all over the world. The ministry is very optimistic and believes that this kind of campaign would attract international and national travelers. The tourism board has also announced 35 main trekking routes as a safe trail to travel and added a few more national parks on the travel list. In addition, the government has upgraded and improved the existing domestic and international airports to assist the national campaign.

The major aim of the campaign is to run international cities with mutual collaboration to Airlines, private sectors, and international and national organizations. Various marketing and Promotions are organized from the national level including different brands and sub-brands along with media to increase the success rate of campaigns for visit Nepal 2020.

The campaign is categorized with the five sub-headings i:e Culture, Cities and Leisure, People and Heritage, Outdoor and Adventure, Religion and Pilgrimage, and Nature and Wildlife. Under those sub-heading government has organized various national and international tourism programs with the engagement of locals agents in this campaign to improve and create sustainable tourism in Nepal. All the organizers and promoters are extremely positive about the campaign and believe that such an event can contribute a lot to the tourism industry and another sector of the economy. The government has also implemented new trekking routes to the well-known trekking regions of Nepal.

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