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Tired of always waking up early, rushing through buffet breakfast, for the better seat in a big tour coach and dozing off listening to the standard commentaries that the tour guide has to offer?

Let Sports Tours & Travel inspire you with our bespoke travel plans - a hassle free holiday that begins right from the planning stage. Our professional tour consultants will assist you to put together a customized travel plan that suits you, your friends and families. There's no need for you to fret as the itinerary remains as flexible as the guide and driver when you book a private luxury tour.


About Our Trips

Don't Wait for Others – Go When You Want To!
Why let others make your decisions? Don't let last minute group tour cancellations ruin your holidays. Book a bespoke travel package with your own private guide and transport and go where you want, when you want.

Utmost Flexibility
Fixed schedules with 6 a.m. morning calls and strict dinner hours begone. Hungry? Your guide will take you to a restaurant of your choice. If you feel like sleeping in, simply depart later. Scheduled to visit a site and you just don't feel like it, then skip it. It's your holiday and you should be allowed to do as you please.

Tailor-Made Exclusively for You
A voyage with Sports Tours & travel delves below the surface to bring you to the heart of a destination. Our experienced and knowledgeable tour guides mean skipping the tourist traps and heading straight to the best stall at the market or be shown to the best table at the hottest restaurant and local eatery. Your holiday is driven by you, not everyone else.

Unique, Authentic and Driven by the Best
It's the unexpected unique experiences that make a journey unforgettable. See, hear, touch and smell the places you are visiting by immersing yourself in the local culture. Roam the weekend markets, partake in festivals and chat with the locals to learn about their perspectives. Don't settle for anything less.

Expert's Advice
Our consultants have travelled extensively to each of our destinations. With firsthand knowledge, we craft your excursions to include the best accommodations, dining venues, sites to visit as well as the best kept secrets the destination has to offer – in short, everything you've dreamed your holiday to be. We've done the research, found the best and weeded out the rest so you don't have to.

Our Guides Make the Difference
A guide can make or break a holiday experience. A good guide not only brings out the best in a destination but provides insightful knowledge for the curious and delivers what you want even before you know you want it. Our carefully selected guides have a strong command of English and are eager to share their knowledge of the peoples, places and cultures of their homeland.


Meet The Team


Rajendra (Milan)

After his higher education in Singapore for 5 years, he travelled back to Nepal and joined Sports Tours & travel. He is busy with us planning holidays for our clients these days. Armed with a wealth of travel experience, strong educational background and his efficient& pleasant disposition translate Milan into a good travel planner.

With his close attachments to Asian Countries during his course of study and Job placements, is very special to countries clients like Singapore, Malayasia, Thailand & Hongkong. He has very detail information about Nepal's Mountain, Trekking, White water rafting, National parks & historical sites in Nepal.



He starts his career to this industry while he was on his early 20s. Till today's date he has successfully finished all the possible trekking maps in Nepal. He has successfully scales peaks like Mera Peak, Island Peak & Tent peak. He is in love with the mountains & loves to be on an outdoor while he has time. Today he plans holiday and he leads the group to some trails that are more challenging and need special care and attention. He has a working experience of 20 years on Mountain activities.

Today he stands as a popular image on tourism industry with his long period mountaineering experience, Motivation & hard work.



She stayed for five years in her first job and was given opportunities to travel to many parts of the country in different styles (ranging from budget to luxury and adventure to comfort).

She joined Sports Tours & Travel, where her sincerity strikes and her bubbly and outgoing personality made her a great company. Though she dislikes solitude, a perfect weekend for her is spent staying home to cooking, relaxing and avoiding crowds.



He joined this industry while he was 15 years old. Today he has an experience of more than 30 years on our Mountains. He has successfully finished all high altitude trekking & peak climbing in Nepal. He has completed Ama-Dablam Expedition, one of the most technical Expeditions in Nepal.

Today he has been to countries like Italy, France for advance mountaineering activities. Today he leads our groups to the high latitude & peak climbing. He is very professional, hardworking & determined. He knows our mountains very well.



Leaving behind his 10 years of teaching Experience, he joined Sports Tours & Travel P. Ltd. He has been working with us since 2005; to help in making tailor made tours. He can speak French, Italian, and Japanese & Hindi.

He is a professional Government tour guide of Nepal. He has travelled to many countries out from Nepal like France, Japan Tibet & India. His professionalism on the industry and vast knowledge about different languages has made his a popular image in our tourism Industry. Today he designs Itinerary and leads Group.



He joined this industry while he was 15 years old. Today he has an experience of more than 20 years on our Mountains. He has successfully finished all high altitude trekking in Nepal. He can speak fluent Italian language.

Today he has been to countries like Italy & France for advance mountaineering activities. Today he leads our groups to the high latitude. He is very professional, hardworking & determined. He knows our mountains Very well.



Our Surface & flight partners :

With years of experience on a Tourism Industry & clients feedback we conclude that, a good brand & luxurious air/land transportation are the most essential part on a tour.

Today, we can proudly claim that we are one of the first companies in Nepal to introduce luxurious sedan car, Land cruiser, Toyota Hiace (Jumbo) & Coaster. We are working closely with Buddha Air P. Ltd for all our flight tours. Today Buddha air stands as one of the safest, on-time & biggest taxpayer in Nepal.

Our crews employed on this field have at least decade years of experience, with English speaking and a good knowledge in difficult or emergency circumstances.

We are extra at:
1. Our crews are high paid compared to other companies.
2. We have a monthly mass meeting & training classes to make aware about the new change on related fields.
3. Our vehicles have proper insurance including Third- party insurance.
4. Our vehicles are properly checked, repaired and serviced before and after every departure.
5. Our team are among the best groomed, loyal & punctual.

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