Winged-visitors skip Koshi


Many migratory birds have given Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve --- a home to hundreds of migratory birds in the past-- a skip this time, thanks to “climate change”.

The reserve witnessed a sharp plunge in the number of migratory birds this year. The number of incoming migratory birds as recorded by the Koshi sanctuary shows 25 percent less compared to the same time last year. Why large number of winged-visitors gave a skip? “Due to climate change,” claimed Chief Conservation Officer Nilambar Mishra.

Besides climate change, depleting natural habitats mainly due to erosion by the Koshi River and human encroachment are also contributing to the low arrival of migratory birds, he added. In the previous years, nearly 100 species of birds including ducks had landed in reserve to escape unfavourable climatic condition since first week of Oct. The Koshi sanctuary is considered a favourite place for migratory birds.

“The Koshi wildlife reserve one of the best habitats for winter migratory birds because it is considered a suitable breeding place for most of their species. These birds stay for around six months inside the reserve before returning to their respective habitats,” said Mishra. Every year during winter, according to Mishara, hundreds of migratory birds can be seen in the protected area of the reserve and its wetland area.

But different is the scenario this time, he said. “During the construction of the breached embankment aftermath of the Koshi flood the birds’ natural habitats were greatly disturbed,” Mishra said.

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