Wildlife at poachers mercy


The absence of a security mechanism at Makalu-Barun National Park (MBNP) has left animals in the park at the mercy of poachers and wildlife traffickers.

"Incidents of wildlife trafficking are rife due to the absence of a security mechanism to discourage traffickers and poachers in the park," says Durgakiran Rai, chairman of the park's buffer zone management committee.

It is learnt that animals are trafficked from here to bordering regions of China for skin and other body parts. The park, which covers a swathe of 2,330 sq. km. between Sankhuwasabha and Solukhumbu districts, is home to endangered animals, including red panda, snow leopard and musk deer.

Last year, 17 musk deer were poached at the park's Tamku region.

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