Three CNP hotels yet to pay dues


Three hotels inside the Chitwan National Park (CNP) that had been shut down after the government did not extend their lease contract have not yet paid the conservation charge and revenue dues. A total of seven hotels inside the park were closed down after the government decided not to renew their lease contract of 15 years at the end of the last fiscal year.

According to the park administration, Gainda Life Camp has yet to pay royalty of Rs 4.5 million. Similarly, Machan Wildlife Resort and Tiger Tops have not paid their dues of many years to the Inland Revenue Office. According to the Bharatpur Inland Revenue Office, Gainda Life Camp has yet to clear the dues of over Rs 0.6 million while Machan Wildlife Resort and Tiger Tops are yet to pay around Rs 4. 9 million and Rs 1.7 million, respectively. The office said despite several letters already dispatched to these hotels asking them to clear the dues, none of them has come forward.

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