Teaching and trekking for Karin in Nepal adventure


A MORPETH woman is preparing to go on a trip of a lifetime to not only have fun, but also to help children improve their English.

Dr Karin Jackson set off for Nepal today (Friday, March 30) with a group from Girlguiding UK to take part in a major trek, where she will also be involved in a set of projects to benefit a village community.

The trek, part of a month-long journey, will take the group to the capital, Kathmandu.

From there they will travel eastwards towards the daunting Nera Peak, which is around 6,500m high.

The peak is the highest point in the country to trek without any assistance, and the thought leaves 63-year-old Karin with mixed feelings.

"I am very excited but apprehensive at the same time," she said.

"I have been trekking before, but nothing on this scale.

"I realise it's quite an adventurous thing to do but I'm looking forward to meeting the challenge."

Karin, who used to be a Guider in Pegswood until the group folded last Summer, helps out with the Brownies at St George's Church in Morpeth.

After taking in the capital, Karin will then travel to Kakani, two hours north of Kathmandu.

While there she will be part of the education team that will teach English in the village's school.

And she hopes to make a difference in the short period she is there.

"In the time we have we cannot work wonders, but it would be nice to tell the children about life in England and teach them some important English words and phrases," she said.

As well as the teachers, there will be a medical group, an environmental team and a group of people who will work with the local Scout troop operating in the village.

Karin, who has two adult children, raised the money to fund the trip, organised by Adventure works herself, as she is the only person from the North East in the party.

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