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MINISTER for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prithivi Subba Gurung has given assurances that the government would implement the Trekking Registration Certificate (TRC) system in the near future to ease problems in the trekking sector and support the trekking agents. Speaking at a function organised by the Trekking Agents' Association of Nepal in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Minister Gurung said that as trekking was an important part of the tourism industry, the government had been working towards further developing and promoting this sector. Trekking is one of the important sectors of the tourism industry. Nepal's tourism industry boomed in the past because of adventure sports like mountaineering, trekking, rafting and others. The share of trekking business in the overall tourism industry is bigger than the other sectors. Many tourists come to Nepal for the thrill adventure tourism provides. Most of the tourists who visit Nepal do not miss trekking. Nepal has a difficult terrain and pristine nature. The foreigners want to see the natural beauty of Nepal. Thus, they go trekking, which provides them opportunities not only to enjoy the nature but also understand the Nepalese people and their unique culture. Although small in size, Nepal is rich in natural and cultural diversity, which has attracted many foreigners.

Tourism is the backbone of the Nepalese economy. The role of tourism in the Nepalese economy is very important. Be it in earning foreign currency or providing employment, the place of the tourism industry is vital. But the tourism industry suffered a big setback in the past due to the political unrest, instability and conflict. After the restoration of peace and democracy in the country, the tourism industry has started picking up. This is a matter of satisfaction for all. However, this sector is yet to fully recover. Nepal's tourism industry shows great potential. Thus, necessary attention and priority must be given for the development and promotion of this sector. Adventure tourism like trekking has an important place in this industry. However, the trekking business has also suffered from various problems. Those involved in the trekking business have demanded that the government take necessary steps to further develop the trekking sector. Considering the demand and concern of the trekking agents, the government has taken some measures towards this end. One of the demands of the trekking agents is the implementation of the trekking registration certificate. The minister has assured TAAN of early implementation of this system, which is expected to address many of the problems facing the trekking agents in Nepal.

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