Paragliding to start soon in the Kathmandu valley Nepal


Recreational paragliding is officially scheduled to start in the Kathmandu Valley after end of Bada Dashain, the jumps being operated jointly by South Korea's ParaLove Company and the Kathmandu-based Paragliding and Hand-gliding Company.

Paragliding jumps will take place from Bisankhunarayan wVDC in Lalitpur district.

At least 10 'glider-aircraft' five tandem (where a passenger is hitched on to a pilot) chutes and five single-seater chutes will be used on jumps from Kotdanda, Chapakharka and Bistachap areas of Bisankhunarayan-4.

The airborne entertainment service is currently conducting test jumps and flights in various locations around the Valley to ascertain which ones are most suitable to get the best view of the three districts in the Valley.

The service with the theme 'Paragliding in Kathmandu' will be open for public from 8 am to 5 pm.

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