Paragliding resumes in Lalitpur Nepal


The operation of paragliding halted for different reasons has now resumed in the southern skirt of the Kathmandu Valley with new management.

Though the adventurous flight was first introduced at Godawari of Lalitpur in the Valley in 2007, it is now resumed from Chapakharka hill of Bisankhu VDC of Lalitpur district.

According to an employee of the paragliding operator's company, Sudarshan Adhikari, although it was already operated before some months, it is yet to be formally inaugurated. In a very short time of operation, the number of people enjoying the paragliding has increased sharply, he added.

However, the lack of publicity has limited the visitors to five to seven persons a day.

For Nepalis, it is Rs 5,500 for a flight while a foreigner needs to pay Rs 8,500. However, the denizen of Godawari can enjoy it with Rs 3,500.

The appropriate time for the paragliding is from 8:00 am to 11:00am. The service cannot be provided when it is raining, and during a storm, added Mr Adhikari.

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