Para-trekking kicks off in Pokhara


While the government prepares to celebrate Tourism Year in 2011, Pokhara —one of the most favourite tourist destinations in the country — has launched a strange yet adventurous event Para-trekking. Para-trekking a combined lexicon of ‘Paragliding’ and ‘Trekking’ would mean Paragliding upwards the sky and again soaring down to the starting point.

The Paragliding company, Pyonova Nepal formally launched this adventurous game since last Thursday. According to Yogesh Bhattarai, president of the company, tourists are flown in sky up to Tanahun’s Bandipur, Kaski’s Korchon and Syangja’s Sirubari and again taken back to Pokhara. Bhattarai said that only the foreigners were participating in Para-trekking till now.

Not only Pyonova but there are other four such companies catering the needs of the tourists from home and abroad. According to a pilot, Rajesh Bamjan, annually 400 to 500 para-pilots come to Pokhara for Paragliding and a few choose to take part in Para-trekking.

Owners of this adventurous game said that para-pilots fly with the foreigners and bring them back to Pokhara. However, it is more interesting in case the tourist know how to glide by themselves. The Company have managed six pilots that include Nepalis and foreigners.

Indian national Debu Chaudhary who has been Paragliding for 11 years said, “For Paragliding, Pokhara is safer than India because one can also land in Fewa lake. The service which at present is only for 5 months starting September should be operated round the year, Paragliding pilot Narayan Parajuli said. Pokhara is one of the best five destinations for Paragliding in the world. International Paragliding competitions have been held in Pokhara for the last ten years.

Bhattarai a Para-pilot himself, said that concept of Para-trekking was brought to Pokhara after more than ten glorious years of Paragliding. Meanwhile, Canadian pilot Danbenoit said Paragliding was adventurous and risky at the same time. French pilot Serge said Pokhara was not only destination for Paragliding but it could be a good spot for training too.

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