New Tekking Trail in Gorkha


For the success of Nepal Tourism year 2011, tourism entrepreneurs and officials are busy building up infrastructure and planning new tours and packages for tourists. That the trekkers may get to explore some f the least explored places, Gorkha Tourism Board in collaboration with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) is working to establish a new trekking route from Manakamana to Gorkha. Gorkha was the royal seat of the erstwhile Shah dynasty, which ruled Nepal till 2008, when a popular people’s movement overthrew monarchy and declared Nepal a republic.

The trail, covering a distance of 25 km from Manakamana to Gorkha winds through traditional Magar villages, historical and religious sites and dense forests filled with Himalayan flora and fauna.The Board will be introducing two packages for the trail: a two nights/three days package and a three nights-four days package.

The Gorkha Tourism Board is also planning to revive the ancient Lig Lig Kot race during Chaite Dassein festival(celebrated in March/April). The race will be open to locals and visitors alike, and the winner will be declared the tourism ambassador of Gorkha. According to legend it was by winning in this particular race in the 14th century, that Dravya Shah became the king of Gorkha. However, after his win, he discontinued this race and started the reign of Shah dynasty in Gorkha.

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