Nepal Holi festival celebrations


Nepal is celebrating Holi or Fagu festival on Sunday by throwing colours and water at each other.

Holi is rooted in the mythology of demon king Hiranya Kashyap and his sister Holika. In a plot to kill his son Pralad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, the king had directed his sister to enter fire with Pralad on her lap. Holika had powers against fire, but because she had misused her boon, the fire engulfed her, leaving Pralad untouched. Holi is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil.

The festival is a government holiday. Holi officially begins with the planting of Chir, a bamboo pole decorated with colourful cloths, in Basantapur a week earlier. At the end of Holi the Chir is burnt and it is considered auspicious to wear of tika of the ashes. The festival will be celebrated on Monday in Terai region.

This year, police has stepped up security against hooliganism in Holi. Anyone throwing water balloons or colour at someone without his or her consent is liable to face jail sentence. Traffic police will also conduct special checks all day to prevent drunk driving and ensure that traffic rules are followed.

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