Khokana youths on domestic tourism campaign

Local youths of Khokana, a medieval Newari settlement situated on the outskirts of the Valley in Lalitpur district, have now rolled their sleeves up for promoting domestic tourism these days. Krishna Saran Dangol, president of a recently established organisation —Organisation for Socio-Economic Development (OSED) — said that they had mobilised a good number of their youth members for the promotion of domestic tourism in their village. Around two dozen youths are involved in the plan. “Just today itself, our volunteers guided some 32 domestic tourists from Kathmandu, Patan and Kirtipur and clarified about the local people, traditional culture such as the Shikali Jatra, a major festival organised here,” he said.

The small yet densely populated area, mostly inhibited by people belonging to Newar community, lies south-west of Lalitpur’s Patan Sub-Metropolis. The mustard-oil industry has been the living heritage of the village. The youths have also been organising other programmes with a view to reducing the poverty and making the public aware on socio-economic, cultural and environmental state of backward areas of Lalitpur. “Until two years ago, guthis — social organisation of local people — used to take care of the festivals and other activities during the Shikali Jatra. But now, they are adamant for the same which prompted us to take initiatives for preserving our culture and promoting internal tourism,” he added.

Shyam Krishna Maharjan, vice president, OSED, added they were organising programmes to spread awareness on education, health, sanitation, inter alia.

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