Future haunts resort workers

The future of workers employed in jungle resorts inside the Chitwan National Park has become uncertain as the government has not decided whether to let the resorts resume their operations. Seven resorts inside the park were idled three months ago after contract expiration.

Around 1,400 people, working for seven resorts inside the park, have nothing to do these days. For the last few months, they have been living without salaries and other facilities, with hope that the government would renew the contract for the resorts’ operation.

“Now is the peak season for tourists, but here we are lazing around doing not much these days. We’ve been waiting for the government’s go-ahead, but nothing has happened. It will be hard for us to sustain this way,” says Badri Mishra, who works as a nature guide for a resort.

Many others like Mishra say they will look for other jobs if only the government clearly states that the hotels will shut down. As that has not happened, these people hope the resorts will reopen and they will start plying their trade as usual.

“Regardless of the delay on the part of the government and the parliamentary committee concerned, the workers still hope that the resorts will reopen,” says Ramsingh Gurung of Tiger Tops Resort.

Workers are angry with the government for putting their future in limbo. “We’ve had enough already,” Dilu Rana Magar fumes, “The government has no right to play with our livelihood.”

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