British lady to start trans-Himalayan treking in Nepal


A public health consultant from Britain is setting out for 78-day cross Nepal trans-Himalayan treking, according to a press release jointly issued by the Britain Nepal Medical Trust and Nepal Tourism Board on Friday.

Dr. Gillian Holdsworth will start her trekking on Sept. 1 from Simikot in Humla in mid-western Nepal and is expected to wrap up her expedition on Nov. 17 in Olangchungola of Taplejung in eastern Nepal, spanning approximately 1,700 km east-west length on the northern region of Nepal traversing an altitude ranging between 800 and 5,500 meters.

During her course of treking she will disseminate messages on Right Based Approach to Health as she proceeds through various remote and rural hills of Nepal. She will also strive to understand the cultural aspects of rural Nepal. This social mission of the trek is expected to add a whole new dimension in the area of tourism in Nepal bringing together Health and Tourism.

"I want to spread words about right based approach to health, study the socio-cultural aspects of the rural Nepal and help promote the region for tourism," said the lady, who has been visiting Nepal regularly since she first came here 20 years ago to work as a field doctor in the country.

Along the trekking route, she will be joined by many other national and international professionals and adventurous trek enthusiasts in various routes.

"We believe that her endeavor will help promote tourism by opening new vista for adventure tourism in Nepal," said Sarad Pradhan, an official of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), which is supporting the initiative.

The trans-Himalayan Trek is being promoted by the Britain Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT). "We are marking 40th anniversary of BNMT next year. This trek is also dedicated to that anniversary," said Anil Subedi, chief executive of BNMT.

The BNMT has been helping the health sector of Nepal in the last four decades. Having started its noble works through tuberculosis control and immunization programs, the BNMT now is involved in eight districts directly and eight more districts indirectly in areas such as health training, capacity building, people's empowerment and institutional development.

It also works with local organizations to respond to various needs, with special focus on tuberculosis, reproductive health, safe motherhood, HIV/AIDS and STIs, infectious diseases, diarrheal diseases, malaria, kala azar, basic health needs and livelihood enhancement.

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