American Airlines launches fare-finding feature


American Airlines announced that it has added a new “fare-finding” feature to its Travel Bag application within facebook, the popular networking platform. And, because the feature has not yet been given an official name, American has launched a sweepstakes that enlists its customers’ participation to name the feature. One lucky winner will be selected by random drawing, and the winner will be awarded 25,000 AAdvantage miles. The new feature enables customers to automatically search for great low fares on American, without ever having to leave the Facebook site.

American Airlines customers who are Facebook fans may already be familiar with the popular American Airlines Travel Bag application, which makes it easy for users to share travel experiences, reviews, comments and travel photos with friends and other Travel Bag users. Now, with the latest fare-finding feature, users can personalize and plan up to three trips at one time. They can name the trips, set the departure and return cities and dates, and share their trip searches with friends in their network. Each planned trip will be stored automatically on Facebook until the user decides to delete it or the departure date passes.

The new fare-finding feature allows Facebook users to find the lowest American Airlines fares for their desired trips, since the feature searches American’s prices in real time - all from within facebook - for a more integrated customer experience. If users then opt to book a trip, they will be taken to to do so quickly and easily.

“We’re excited to offer American Airlines customers even more seamless interaction with our airline through our Travel Bag application and give them easy access to our great low fares via Facebook,” said Derek DeCross, American’s Managing Director – Interactive Marketing. “And, we look forward to receiving their name ideas for this powerful, new, fare-finding feature within Travel Bag.”

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