Agro tourism project starts


KATHMANDU: Agro-tourism has been launched in Jagat Bhanjyang, Sirsekot, Majhkot and Jagatradevi village development committees (VDCs) of the district which are famous for commercial agricultural production.

Govinda Gurung, chief of the Pitlek Rural Agriculture Tourism Development Committee, said that they were giving importance to agriculture research, observation spots and display of farm products to promote agro-tourism. There is also a home stay scheme for five persons per house, he added. Tourist inflow has increased in all the four VDCs in recent days.

According to Chet Nath Adhikari, senior officer of District Agriculture Development, representatives from more than 25 districts including Kathmandu have visited Jagat Bhanjyang and they were impressed by the developments there.

There is a rotating house and view point in Jagat Bhanjyang from where all 16 districts can viewed. Antique household goods are displayed in the rotating house constructed at Sirsekot. Ananta Shrestha, vice chairman of the District Tourism Development Committee, said these VDCs could be models of agro-tourism as they were famous for agricultural products. In addition, Pitlek of Jagat Bhanjyang VDC is rich in art and culture. The farmers have be-en using solar panels for commercial vegetable and coffee farming.

A trainer Ramesh Gurung said 40 villagers have received training in kitchen management, service management and home stay management involving a family member from each household.

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